aboutJudy and Brandon McAuley decided in early 2010 that they wanted to start a diaper service in Pittsburgh, and Green Cheeks was born late in the same year.  When Judy was pregnant with their son Micah in 2008, she looked for a diaper service in the area and was surprised to find that there wasn’t one.  They planned to use cloth diapers, but felt overwhelmed by all of the options available. 

Once they started using cloth diapers, they were amazed how easy they were and how much better they felt about putting fresh, clean cotton on him than disposables, even if they had been the ‘eco-friendly’ ones.  After using them and home laundering the whole time, Brandon and Judy decided that they wanted to make it easier for other families in Pittsburgh to use cloth diapers on their children.  They saw a real need in the area for a diaper service and are very excited to be bringing the joys of using cloth to families in Pittsburgh who want to, but just don’t have the time or aren’t interested in laundering themselves.

It’s not a business they ever thought they’d get into, but they’re proud to be a part of bringing a business to Pittsburgh that is better for the environment and our babies. Gavin joined the family in March of 2012, and as of Green Cheeks' two year anniversary that fall, they had diverted over 100,000 diapers from landfills!

As of August, 2013, Judy & Brandon are thrilled to announce that they are the new owners of Happy Baby Company and are now operating the retail store in the heart of Bellevue!