Q: If cloth diapers are so great, why do most people use disposables?
A: It's simple: They're big and we're not. Most cloth diaper services are small, local companies who can't afford to advertise like the national disposable diaper companies. We also have to show people how much cloth diapers have changed in the last generation.

Q: What areas do you serve?
A: We serve the greater Pittsburgh area. If you think you're on the edge of our delivery area, contact us. We may be able to offer you service with a slight fuel surcharge, or we can arrange an alternate pick up/drop off site — at work or a friend's house, for instance.

Q: What are my payment options?
A: We prefer cash or check for your inital payment, but have recently begun offering automatic recurring charges to your debit card every four weeks for ongoing service.  We offer prepayment discounts as well – 5% off for 6 months or more prepaid, and 10% off for 12 months or more prepaid.
We also sell gift certificates so tell your friends you plan to use (or are using) our service and their non-refundable gift certificate will be applied to your account. You can currently add gift certificates for Green Cheeks to your online registry at Happy Baby Company.



Q: What if my childcare provider won't let me use cloth?
A: Unfortunately, this happens. We are happy to show them how far cloth diapers have come. But when cloth diapering 100% of the time isn't an option, we do offer a part cloth, part disposables option, which we will customize to your needs. Currently we offer Seventh Generation disposables for $12.50 per package.

Q: What if my childcare provider tells me it is against the law or a health code violation for day care or childcare facilities to use cloth diapers or store soiled cloth diapers?
A: First, be assured that Pennsylvania laws allow for cloth diapers to be used and soiled diapers stored at day care facilities. It is not the commonwealth but, instead, individual care companies that decide to not allow cloth diapering - or even disposable diapering - at its facilities.  More information and the state code regulating health and safety in child care can be found at the National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education.  However, the code for child day care centers clearly states that not only are diapers from home acceptable, cloth diapers from a diaper service are as well.  (§ 3270.135. Diapering requirements.  (a) When children are diapered, the facility shall use disposable diapers, a diaper service or arrange with the parent to provide a daily diaper supply.)




Q: What kind of diapers do you use?
A: We tested many diapers from different manufacturers before settling on our organic unbleached 100% cotton prefolds. Bleaching the cotton white is really unnecessary and can pollute the environment, plus it removes the natural oils that make cotton strong and durable. Our unbleached diapers are ivory in color, and very soft!  They come from a supplier near Toronto, Canada.

Q: What kind of diaper covers do you offer?
A: We are happy to offer Mommy’s Touch diaper covers, which come in two sizes – newborn and one-size.  They are easily adjustable with snaps to fit your child at any size, and the newborn covers have a snap down front to leave room for your baby’s cord to heal.  We offer the snap covers for sale and for rental as part of your service. There are also quite a few other options available at our store in Bellevue or online from the HBC website.

Q: When do I put my diapers out?
A: Please have your diapers out by 11 a.m. on your scheduled delivery day, which will be assigned based on your address. You will be notified in advance if circumstances require a change to your regularly scheduled delivery time or day.




Q: What if I forget to put out my diapers?
A: Contact us. We may be able to come back, if we're still in the area, or arrange a special pickup if we'll be nearby on another day (there may be an additional fee for the extra trip). Otherwise, we'll ask you to set them out at your next pick up date. We will still drop off your clean diapers the first time you forget but we can't do this if no diapers are picked up for two weeks in a row. In any case, do contact us.

Q: How many diapers do I need?
A: Generally, the younger your baby, the more diapers you need. Our standard newborn/infant service includes 80 diapers per week.  Regular service includes 70 per week, and toddler service includes 50 per week.  Additional diapers are available in quantities of 10 (5 per week) for $1 more per week ($2 more for toddler size).  We provide additional diapers free of charge in the early days if they are needed, though generally 80/week is plenty.

We also recommend you purchase 4-6 diaper covers. Just use a wipe on the inside of the cover at diaper changes if necessary and throw them in as needed with your regular laundry. If you choose our cover rental service we will provide 8 covers, which you are responsible for washing in an approved detergent.  Over time, as your child gets older and develops, they will go less often meaning they'll use fewer diapers.




Q: What size diapers do I need?
A: Diapers are sized by weight. These are general guidelines:

  • Preemie/newborn: Fits babies 2-8 pounds
  • Infant: Fits babies up to 13 pounds
  • Regular: Fits babies 14-27 pounds
  • Toddler: Fits babies 27-39 pounds

Within all sizes there will be variations because cotton shrinks when washed. Also, your child's build may mean you use a diaper outside of the suggest weight ranges. That is OK (and more normal than you may think). Also, as we add in new diapers and sort out diapers that aren't up to our standards, you may sometimes see a variation within the same size. We also have small quantities of an even larger toddler size for kids 32-45 pounds if they are needed.

Q: What if I need more diapers?
A: Contact us. Extras are just $1 per 10 diapers (5 per week, $2 more for toddler size). If you find you will be short before the end of your week, let us know — we don't want you to go diaper-less (there may be an additional fee for the extra trip).

Q: What if I have multiple children in diapers?
A: You have our sympathy — and a $10 discount off each additional service per week.




Q: Do I get the same diapers back each week?
A: Yes! Your service is personalized.  You'll receive the same diapers back each week, except for diapers that are badly stained or worn out, which are replaced.

Q: Can I wash my diapers at home?
A: Please do not wash the diapers yourself. Home laundering frequently results in staining. If you need more diapers, just contact us.

Q: Can I use diaper creams?
A: We have found that Regular or Original Formula Desitin creams (or anything containing Cod Liver Oil) stain our diapers. Any other diaper cream is fine. We offer Weleda and Avalon Organics diaper creams for sale, as well as Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm and they can be delivered with your weekly service. We ask that you use flushable liners with any heavy creams that are not well rubbed into baby's skin.

Q: What if I'm going on vacation?
A: Just let us know. We can give you extra diapers the week before, if you wish to cloth diaper while on vacation, or we can deliver Seventh Generation brand disposables. Vacation Credits are available - If you will not be using Green Cheeks’ rental stock while you are away, we will credit you for the week (up to three weeks) that you are away. Vacation credits require 1-2 weeks notice, and we’ll need to get any soiled diapers from you before you leave. We reserve the right to request you turn in all rental stock items while you're away.




Q: What about holidays, or if the weather is bad?
A: We deliver as usual on most holidays except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day and will notify you in advance of the holiday delivery schedule . That said, we are a family-run business. We'd let you know as soon as possible in the rare event of a family emergency or event which would cause us to shift around your delivery day. We will also let you know if weather conditions prevent us from making deliveries. If you're worried you might not have enough diapers to get through, tell us.

Q: Is there any benefit to referring my friends?
A: Yes! For every person you refer to us that signs up for and completes a minimum 12-week service, you will receive 1 free week of service. Just have your friend mention your name when they call for service.

Q: Do you offer a baby shower registry? Can your service be given as a gift?
A: We do offer a gift registry through our website at Happy Baby Company.  If you'd like registry inserts to use, please contact us. Additionally, gift certificates can be purchased.

Q: Can you deliver other items with my diapers?
A: Yes! Our diaper service customers can shop online at Happy Baby Company and simply request in the order comments to have their items delivered with their diapers, regardless of what is ordered. Contact us if you need the coupon code to waive shipping charges for Green Cheeks' clients.




Q: When do I get my bill?
A: When you receive your first batch of diapers and we show you how to use them, you will be asked for payment for your first four weeks of service and your start up package, which is non-refundable. Your payments will then be due monthly, based on the number of delivery days in a month. We can either deliver the bill with your diapers or via e-mail.  In some cases we can work with you on a weekly payment plan. Payment is due by the first of each month for that month, and our bills are delivered approximately two weeks before that date. We also now offer automatic recurring charges to your debit card every four weeks as a payment option.

Q: What can I do if my diaper pail stinks?
A: Once in a while, wash out your hamper by filling it with hot water and a capful of shampoo or dish soap. If you like, use the citrus circles which are provided when you begin the service and one per month. Additional citrus circles are available for purchase. Liberally sprinkling baking soda on the soiled diapers in the hamper will reduce odors too. You can also try our diaper liners. They capture all of the poop and can be flushed in the toilet. These are especially helpful for newborn poop.

Q: What if I want to cancel?
A: Contact us to arrange for a final pick up at least 2 weeks in advance. Your final pickup will be your final week of service. There is a fee for missing materials: $2 per diaper, $.50 per wipe and $15 per diaper bag. We want all of our customers to leave us because their children are potty trained. If you wish to leave us because of another reason, please tell us so we can try to fix it!





Q: My baby is soaking through his diaper every time, what should I do?
A: There are a few reasons this can happen

  • Your baby may be ready for a bigger diaper. The smaller diaper simply cannot handle the output. Let us know and we can bump you up to the next size (or you can at least give the next size a try to see if that will help).
  • The cover may be too small. This can result in both the cloth not being completely covered (allowing wetness to wick from the diaper to clothes, blankets, you, your in-laws, etc) or the cloth being squeezed so tight that it absorbs less than it should.
  • If leaks occur mainly overnight or during naps, you may need an extra diaper, a doubler — or even two for heavy wetters. Another alternative is a wool or fleece diaper cover.

Q: How do I know if it's time to potty train?
A: We like the Dr. Sears approach:

  • Imitates your toileting and verbally communicates other sensations, such as hunger
  • Understands simple requests, such as "go get ball"
  • Begins to pull diapers off when wet or soiled, or comes to tell you he's dirty
  • Follows you to the bathroom, may climb onto the potty-chair or toilet
  • Able to pull clothes off; investigates his or her body equipment
  • Has dry spells: stays dry at least three hours

    Children in cloth diapers often potty train at around 18 months of age, but every child is different. We will be offering cloth training pants for rental soon!
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