All the benefits of cloth without the hassle!
Thanks for your interest in Green Cheeks Diaper Service.  Please read through the following guidelines on how our service works.  If you still have questions, feel free to give us a call or email us!

Once you’ve decided to use our service, simply call or email us to get started!  We’ll meet with you in your home or at our store, go over a cloth diaper crash course and provide you with your start-up kit and first week of diapers.  It will be a seamless transition into cloth diapers for your little one!  If you are expecting, contact us before your estimated due date and we’ll get everything in place two weeks before the big day, including the first half-week of diapers.  We then put you on hold until we hear from you that your baby is born and you are ready for service to begin on a routine basis.  We ask that the hold period not be greater than 2 months after your initial delivery.  Your address will determine your delivery day.

Your start-up kit includes a diaper pail with carbon filter and citrus deodorizer disc (disc will be replaced monthly), a snappi fastener, a small wetbag for use on the go and the use of our fabric collection bags which also double as your pail liner each week.  You can purchase diaper covers from us (or anywhere else) or you can rent them as part of your service.  Finally, you can also add cloth wipes to your service to make your diapering experience 100% cloth! We deliver your diapers in a waterproof, fabric bag.  Take the clean diapers out and use the bag in your pail to collect the soiled diapers.  Before putting the soiled bag outside, be sure to secure it with the cord.




On your first and second deliveries you will receive the weekly number of diapers that you ordered. After that, you will be on a rotation basis. The number of soiled diapers you turn in on a delivery will be counted and returned to you on the next delivery.
Example: If your order is for 80 diapers the first week, we will deliver 80 the first week and 80 the second week (no matter how many diapers you used the first week). Let’s say you only turned in 60 soiled diapers at the first week, you should now have 100 diapers at home (20 unused + 80 delivered on week 2). On the following week we will return to you 60 diapers, and pick up, let’s say 70 soiled diapers. Now you have 90 diapers at home (30 unused of the 100 + 60 returned to you). The total diapers returned to us plus the amount in your home should always be double the amount of your order, in this example 80 x 2.

To make sure that the number in the rotation is accurate, we do reserve the right to ask how many clean diapers you have in your home at any time. You don’t have to rinse or soak your diapers. Just put them in the bag! If your baby is exclusively breastfed, just drop your soiled diapers in the pail.  Otherwise, simply dump or shake off excess poop into the toilet and throw the diaper into the pail. (You're supposed to do this with disposables to help keep untreated waste out of the landfill, but no one really ever does that.) We also offer flushable diaper liners to make this easy task even easier.

Please do not wash your diapers at home. Diapers often become stained that way.  Also, please avoid Regular or Original Formula Desitin diaper cream because the high levels of cod liver oil will stain the diapers. Any other formula of Desitin or other diaper cream is fine.  We offer natural diaper creams from Weleda, Avalon Organics and Earth Mama Angel Baby for sale and will deliver them with your weekly service. We also ask that you use a flushable liner with any thick creams that are not fully rubbed into baby's skin when applied.




Your first four weeks of service is paid in advance. You will then be billed monthly for the number of delivery days in that month for continuing service. We prefer cash or check for your initial payment, but have recently begun offering automatic recurring charges to your debit card every four weeks as an option for payment of ongoing service.
If you are planning a vacation, please call us at least 2 weeks before you go on vacation.  If you are not using cloth diapers while you're away, we will place your service on hold.  You will not be charged for the time you are on vacation.  If you would like to continue using cloth while on vacation, we can work with you to make sure you have enough diapers while you are away. Regardless, arrangements will be made to retrieve all dirty diapers so that they don't sit for more than a week while you are away.

We hope that you will be with us until you baby is potty trained.  If you are discontinuing service for any other reason, please let us know.  We want to make sure all of our moms and dads and babies are happy with our service, and if there is anything that you don't like, we want to fix it!  If you are discontinuing service, for any reason, please call us two weeks prior to your last delivery.  All rented diapers and equipment must be returned on your last day of service.  We will do a final count on all returned diapers to determine if any are missing or damaged.  A $2 fee per diaper will be assessed for any diaper that is not returned or is destroyed. If you choose to return the pail and small wetbag in good condition at the end of your service, you can choose a $15 refund or a $25 store credit at Happy Baby Company.  

Referral Program: Love our service?  Help us spread the word!  For every person you refer to us that signs up for and completes a minimum 12-week service, you will receive 1 FREE WEEK of our fabulous cloth diaper delivery service.

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